Get a healthy night’s sleep with a natural organic mattress « the biodwell blog


Get a healthy night’s sleep with a natural organic mattress « the biodwell blog

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I was encouraged to start a blog as I suffer from MCS /multi chemical sensitivities & other health problems & I have helped several hundred others who suffer from MCS set up "Safe Homes" & given them encouragement & HOPE & share information & lots of laughs along the way also. When you choose to use fragrances, chemicals, or pesticides, You are not simply making a choice for yourself, You are making a choice for everyone around you!!!! What makes me an expert on MCS-- not a darn thing-- BUT have lived with it for years-& years- & have learned lots the HARD WAY-- by experience!! And want to give others help & HOPE & encouragement -- as I know there are not many who understand what it is to live with this illness- & ALL THAT GOES WITH IT!!! Internet has been my way of communication with many who we are confined to their "safe homes" all over the USA & other countries!! I have communicated with many HUNDRED by e-mail-- phone & letters & internet forums-- I hope this blog will help in a better way to share laughter-- hope & information!!! As for many are not any longer able to even leave their homes-- & communication is sooo important & sharing & encouragement & GIVING HOPE!!!
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  1. I don’t do well with organic mattresses. I get a horrific mold reaction. I believe it is because the cotton is not treated with a fungicide there are mycotoxins in the cotton. The flip side is that regular cotton is treated with a fungicide. Double edged blade for me. And I am allergic to wool.

  2. I totally agree with you Kathy— the only thing that has worked for me–in the last few years has been our water bed with an outgassed mattress– & covered with fabric that is MCS safe for me & what my body can live with— we all have to find our own “safe”– what is safe for one is not for another– & when people tell me— they once had MCS & are now cured—-oh my— I want to say– well bless your little heart— I have done everything for over 45 years & still live with it!!!! What works for one doesn’t mean it works for everyone is forsure!!! I always appreciate your sharing Kathy!!!! Thanks!!!

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