Our Pets!!!


I have posted on this blog before– people ask all the time– if you are allergic– to stuff– how can you have pets!!!!

I’ll say one more time– for myself– & many of my MCS sisters (that we have talked about this)– we are NOT allergic to anything with MCS– we have a life threatening illness– not an allergy!!!!!!!!!!!! And IF we don’t use fragrances & scents & chemicals on our pets– then we have no problems!!! And our pets don’t have problems from those terrible chemicals & fragrances & scents that make them sick also!!!!

We have 2 dogs– we call “the girls”!! Missy is 6 going on 7 & years old & Mandy is 2 going on 3 years old– both are pekingese!!! They rule our home–

They both got new coats– Missy is the black dog– & Mandy is the white one!!!

missy mandy cute

They are both looking at Gary–

missy can't hold her lickerMissy can’t hold her licker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They got new beds today also— I’ll post more pictures of them & their new beds later— Missy loves her new bed– Mandy– likes her old one better right now!!!  🙂


dear lord

later Gators—

About sondasmcschatter

I was encouraged to start a blog as I suffer from MCS /multi chemical sensitivities & other health problems & I have helped several hundred others who suffer from MCS set up "Safe Homes" & given them encouragement & HOPE & share information & lots of laughs along the way also. When you choose to use fragrances, chemicals, or pesticides, You are not simply making a choice for yourself, You are making a choice for everyone around you!!!! What makes me an expert on MCS-- not a darn thing-- BUT have lived with it for years-& years- & have learned lots the HARD WAY-- by experience!! And want to give others help & HOPE & encouragement -- as I know there are not many who understand what it is to live with this illness- & ALL THAT GOES WITH IT!!! Internet has been my way of communication with many who we are confined to their "safe homes" all over the USA & other countries!! I have communicated with many HUNDRED by e-mail-- phone & letters & internet forums-- I hope this blog will help in a better way to share laughter-- hope & information!!! As for many are not any longer able to even leave their homes-- & communication is sooo important & sharing & encouragement & GIVING HOPE!!!
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2 Responses to Our Pets!!!

  1. mcsgal says:

    Pets are great. Our dogs rule the roost. Seems like pets can keep us going when we are at our lowest points.

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