Morning Chatter—-

Good Morning— it is a beautiful Morning here in the Ozarks–the sun is shining after a much-needed Rain last night– our lake levels are Down here– & we could use a good soaking rain for days here– & not hurt a thing!!


I finally got caught up on all the e-mails!!! Thanks to my MCS sisters who give me much support– & ideas- & their thoughts!!!  Not all agree with my thinking-all the time– but we always agree to respect each other– & our thoughts– many are not Christians– & that is OK– just know -I’m not going to keep quiet about my love of God & Jesus Christ– & no matter what you believe– I’m going to continue to pray for you– not because I’m any better than you-in any way shape or form only because that is my belief & only by the grace of God was I saved & Jesus is my Lord & Savior!!! As some of my MCS Sisters tell me I just skip over your trying to save me—   🙂 ( I love that– as you do know I want you saved)  🙂   That is fine– just know in my belief– I believe the only way we will see each other in Heaven is if you are saved– & I love you– so I’m NOT going to stop praying for you–because that is what I believe!!!! 🙂 And some of my MCS Sisters tell me they are not any longer alone– because they now know my Jesus on a personal level now!!!  Praise God!!

 So what ever we all believe– we all respect each other & love each other– So that is what is important!! And thank you for the e-mails & the support– as I have said– & will say– without all my hundreds of MCS sisters– none of this blog stuff that I fake I know what I’m doing would be any fun!!!!!

OK– now it seems like at least 1/2 of my MCS Sisters are sick with the great crud & can’t keep food inside!!! OK– now I’m not promoting a product– that I make any money on– or anything like that– as you all well know I just call a spade a spade– call it like I see it!!

Dr Ed– my life saver– who has helped save my life more than once– introduced me to a company called “Standard Process” They have all kinds of NATURAL PRODUCTS/ CHEMICAL FREE– & when I have been soooooooooooo sick from chemicals– & could not keep anything inside of me except water for weeks– & then was water toxic– & my body feeding off of it’s self–& all any one could say to me was– we don’t know what to do to help you– God sent me to Dr Ed!!! And Dr Ed– started me on SP Complete– it comes in a powder– it is complete food– it is a power you mix with water– & when I have been sooooooooooooo sick– I started out taking a tablespoon full about every hour– & was able to keep it in my body– & then finally moved up to an ounce at a time– then finally up to a few ounces– then up to 8 ounces– BUT– that product– was my turning point in my life– now– if you want to try this– & can’t find anyone in your area-that sells it- DR Ed & his wife Cathy may shoot me— but– if you need to find this product– e-mail me– with Standard Process in your e-mail title–& I’ll try to get you some help through Dr Ed!!

I live in Branson, Mo. &  Dr Ed is in Kansas– but he is my life saver–  I have had success with the Standard Process products– like I said– they have worked for me– & I don’t make any money off of saying this– it is just something that has worked for me– & when nothing else I tried did make a difference!!

I have had different ones– say– why don’t you have links to your blog promoting products– etc- etc– because that isn’t me– at this time in my life I would not even consider such a thing!!!


I had one MCS sister who is really ticked at me about my support of guns— but she grew up in NY– I grew up in Kansas– that is two different worlds!!! I grew up with guns– & my Dad & both of my brothers taught me how to use every gun they owned– & how to clean it & care for it– & HOW TO RESPECT IT!!!!!!!!!!! Now I grew up on a farm– in the boonies– & I was responsible for putting game on the table–we didn’t have a  lot of money– & I had a 22 rifle– & my Dad gave me ONE BULLET when I was a young kid- (kind of like Barney on the Andy of Mayberry show)  🙂  And if you only have one bullet as a kid– you really think about that shot– before you aim & fire– if you are suppose to  help feed the family with that one bullet!!!!!!!!! My oldest brother– use to say I could shoot the ears off a rattler!!! Also in NY– you probably didn’t ride tooo many pastures & check too many cattle on your horse as a living–I did– I grew up on a horse– checking pastures –hundreds of acres of pasture & hundreds of head of cattle as part of our way to make a living with my Dad– & I carried a 22 rifle in my saddle-(that my Dad gave me)- to shoot rattlers!!!!!!!!!! You probably didn’t have much of a rattler problem in NY— but I don’t have a rattler problem where I live now– but you are not going to take my guns away from me— because someone is sick & uses a gun without respect!!!!!!!!!!! That is how I feel & you won’t change it–I find most everyone who is against guns– knows nothing about them–or has no respect for them!!!   I do!!!! You will not take my guns with out a hell of a fight!!! That– is just how it is– the same as I don’t care if you believe in God– I’ll still pray for you!!! 🙂

I still believe if– the drug companies– & the chemical companies– did NOT rule our world–we would not have all the health problems– & all the problems we do have!!!

gun that is pillssicker make them think

I’m that bible thumping– flag waving– gun supporter–who has MCS– & I work hard to give as many people HOPE & encouragement as possible!!!



Later— Gators———-

About sondasmcschatter

I was encouraged to start a blog as I suffer from MCS /multi chemical sensitivities & other health problems & I have helped several hundred others who suffer from MCS set up "Safe Homes" & given them encouragement & HOPE & share information & lots of laughs along the way also. When you choose to use fragrances, chemicals, or pesticides, You are not simply making a choice for yourself, You are making a choice for everyone around you!!!! What makes me an expert on MCS-- not a darn thing-- BUT have lived with it for years-& years- & have learned lots the HARD WAY-- by experience!! And want to give others help & HOPE & encouragement -- as I know there are not many who understand what it is to live with this illness- & ALL THAT GOES WITH IT!!! Internet has been my way of communication with many who we are confined to their "safe homes" all over the USA & other countries!! I have communicated with many HUNDRED by e-mail-- phone & letters & internet forums-- I hope this blog will help in a better way to share laughter-- hope & information!!! As for many are not any longer able to even leave their homes-- & communication is sooo important & sharing & encouragement & GIVING HOPE!!!
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  1. Please look at my comments under “Following Gary” blog post– if you missed them—- thank you!!! 🙂

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